Together Success: Diyari Askew (featured story + video)

When CRS Social Work Administrator Melissa Alexander first heard from Cassie Laird that her 8-year-old daughter’s one true wish was to be able to feed herself independently, she said, “Let’s try to make it happen.” Diyari Askew is a very bright and precocious second grader in Ms. Jacob’s class at W.O. Lance Elementary in Lanett.Continue reading “Together Success: Diyari Askew (featured story + video)”

Together Success: Ronald Witherspoon (featured story + video)

For Ronald Witherspoon, 2016 was a mixed bag of joy and sadness. Just a few months before becoming a father for the first time, the Mobile man was critically injured in a robbery attempt in a public park. “It was about 9, 10 o’clock, and I was standing outside on my phone,” said Ronald. “IContinue reading “Together Success: Ronald Witherspoon (featured story + video)”

Together Success: Madelynn Pierce (featured story + video)

When you live in extreme rural Alabama, it can be difficult to find a true sense of community. But that’s exactly what Tony and Rhonda Pierce – who live in unincorporated Lawley in Chilton County – found at the CRS office in Selma. The couple’s granddaughter, Madelynn, has Warburg micro syndrome, a rare autosomal syndromeContinue reading “Together Success: Madelynn Pierce (featured story + video)”

VR consumer gains work experience with man who saved his life

Two-and-a-half years after a surviving a horrific car crash, a Bibb County man is building work experience by volunteering at the fire department his family credits with saving his life. Dustin Rowe was ejected from the sunroof of his vehicle and thrown into a ravine when his car was side-swiped along a particularly bad portionContinue reading “VR consumer gains work experience with man who saved his life”

Together Success: Pete Petro (featured story + video)

Though Duchenne muscular dystrophy has made life a constant battle for 22-year-old Pete Petro, he has never once allowed it to tamp down his dreams or ambitions. Rather, thanks to assistance from VR and SAIL, his visions of success have only grown more substantial. “Without ADRS, I don’t know if I would have been ableContinue reading “Together Success: Pete Petro (featured story + video)”

Together Success: MacKenzie Reeves (featured story + video)

When Pamela Reeves was pregnant with her daughter MacKenzie, her obstetrician noticed that her legs were not forming as they should. “We didn’t fully understand the issue until after the delivery,” said Pamela. “I felt blindsided when I was told MacKenzie had PFFD.” PFFD – proximal femoral focal deficiency – is a rare, non-hereditary birth defect that affectsContinue reading “Together Success: MacKenzie Reeves (featured story + video)”

Dekalb County man cultivates need for adaptive tractor

Bryan Thomas of Fyffe will soon be able to independently tend to cattle on his ranch after necessary adaptations are made to his four-wheel drive tractor. “In all my years with Rehab,” said Kenny Maness, Thomas’s rehabilitation counselor, “I thought I had just about seen it all. That is, until I had a request from Bryan to add adaptive driving equipmentContinue reading “Dekalb County man cultivates need for adaptive tractor”