LTI graduation readies next generation of department leaders

In the same week that ADRS celebrates its 20th anniversary, 23 employees representing a new generation of leadership graduated from the 2014-15 Leadership Training Institute. The intensive training program, which began last October, is designed to prepare staff to assume positions of leadership within the agency as well as establish and strengthen camaraderie and working relationshipsContinue reading “LTI graduation readies next generation of department leaders”

LTI completes third session

The 23 students of the Leadership Training Institute recently reconvened in Montgomery for the third session of the five-part intensive training program to develop better leaders within the department. Early in the week, members of the class visited the ADRS State Office to discuss their small group solutions projects with department leaders. The group also tookContinue reading “LTI completes third session”

LTI group visits Civil Rights Memorial Center

The Leadership Training Institute took its first-ever field trip today to the Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery. The afternoon excursion aimed to show the group how a rich history and profound past shapes future events. After taking in the powerful imagery of the museum, the LTI class was tasked to draw connections from our pastContinue reading “LTI group visits Civil Rights Memorial Center”

LTI session II underway

  Twenty-three ADRS staff members returned to Montgomery for the second session of ADRS’s Leadership Training Institute (LTI), which kicked off yesterday and continues through Thursday. LTI is an intense training program designed specifically to prepare staff to assume positions of leadership within the agency. It consists of five four-day sessions to establish and strengthenContinue reading “LTI session II underway”

LTI preps next generation of leaders

The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services has always believed in promoting from within. The department’s commitment to that philosophy is even evident in the “Blueprint for the 21st Century,” which states that “we value leadership at all levels and we will … provide support and leadership development opportunities.” In keeping with that commitment, the departmentContinue reading “LTI preps next generation of leaders”