ADRS celebrates 20 years of independence

Twenty years. Four commissioners. Six sites. The statewide commemoration of the department’s 20th anniversary kicked off Monday, Sept. 14, in Mobile and wrapped up two weeks later in Huntsville. Founding Commissioner Lamona Lucas made a special appearance at events in Mobile and Montgomery. Former Commissioner Winona Nelson spoke to the Montgomery group, and Former Commissioner SteveContinue reading “ADRS celebrates 20 years of independence”

Department celebrates 20 years of serving Alabamians with disabilities

Twenty years ago, the Alabama Legislature and Gov. Jim Folsom Jr. established the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services to provide a service-delivery system specifically designed for people with disabilities and their families. With this legislation, Alabama’s rehabilitation, education, and employment services for infants, children, teenagers, and adults with disabilities were consolidated into a single agencyContinue reading “Department celebrates 20 years of serving Alabamians with disabilities”