Soliday a success story for Ready to Work program

With a strong support system, a lot of hard work, and a positive attitude, Shonna Soliday has paved the way for others to find success through the Ready To Work (RTW) program. Soliday, with assistance from Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Dena Dodd and E.H. Gentry, recently became the first student to complete the program and securedContinue reading “Soliday a success story for Ready to Work program”

Holloway brings experience, understanding to CRS medical consultant post

Dr. Albert Holloway has joined the Rehab Family as a medical consultant for Children’s Rehabilitation Service. Holloway, who joined CRS through a contractual agreement with Medicaid, is available to respond to medical concerns generated from staff, families, and providers of CRS services. CRS Director Melinda Davis said she is delighted to have Holloway available toContinue reading “Holloway brings experience, understanding to CRS medical consultant post”

New clinic ‘one-stop shop’ for youngsters with craniofacial disorders (photo gallery)

Homewood’s CRS office recently launched a clinic to specifically address the orthodontics needs of children with craniofacial disorders. The CRS Orthodontic Clinic for Craniofacial Disorders – first held this past summer – offers a one-stop shop for consumers with craniofacial anomalies. The new clinic is the only one of its kind in the state andContinue reading “New clinic ‘one-stop shop’ for youngsters with craniofacial disorders (photo gallery)”

OASIS program marks 30th anniversary (photo gallery)

OASIS, the department’s program serving older Alabamians with vision loss, celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Oct. 17 meeting of the OASIS Advisory Council. The program began in 1987 with funding from a competitive grant and has served more than 30,000 people since its inception, 1,044 of them in FY16. The program is nationally recognizedContinue reading “OASIS program marks 30th anniversary (photo gallery)”

Commissioner visits Muscle Shoals offices, Blind Services staff retreat (photo gallery)

Commissioner Jane Elizabeth Burdeshaw visited the CRS and VRS offices in Muscle Shoals recently, introducing herself to and getting to know staff serving the northwest section of the state. While in the area, Burdeshaw also toured the new facility for Muscle Shoals CRS, which is currently being renovated. CRS staff are scheduled to re-locate to their new building Oct. 1.Continue reading “Commissioner visits Muscle Shoals offices, Blind Services staff retreat (photo gallery)”

ADRS Med Aspects conference offers training opportunity for staff

The ADRS Medical Aspects of Disability Conference attracted some 250 EI, CRS, VRS, and SAIL staff to the Hyatt Regency in Birmingham. The two-day conference featured 16 distinct concurrent sessions on such topics as diabetes, dementia, traumatic brain injury and vision, dysphagia, professional ethics, seizures and epilepsy, spasticity management, Parkinson’s disease, “hearing privilege,” and stroke.

ADRS, delegates prep for 17th YLF

Delegates are set to arrive for the 17th annual Alabama Governor’s Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) in Troy, May 31 through June 4. Each year, the event better equips high school juniors and seniors with disabilities to take charge of their own lives through self-esteem, self-advocacy, and independent living skills. With 38 delegates expected to attend,Continue reading “ADRS, delegates prep for 17th YLF”