‘Mentoring Day’ preps Decatur-area high school students for next step (photo gallery)

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The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) and Athens State University teamed up to host Mentoring Day, a transition event to prepare students with disabilities for life after high school.
Approximately 130 students from nine area high schools attended yesterday’s event on the Athens State campus.
Attendees participated in a career fair, campus tour, and three different learning sessions: Disability Awareness, Interviewing Skills, and Reality Check.
Disability Awareness had attendees “try on” a disability through simulation. They discussed common myths about living with a disability, learned disability etiquette, and gained insight into looking beyond a disability to see their true maximum potential. The Interviewing Skills class demonstrated good and bad job interview techniques through mock interviews, and Reality Check offered unique and interactive financial program to simulate real-life expenses at age 25 to teach students how best to budget each month’s income.

One thought on “‘Mentoring Day’ preps Decatur-area high school students for next step (photo gallery)

  1. This is great! Our children need to know that they can achieve a fulfilling life, and that they have the capabilities to succeed. Thanks.

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