Montgomery, State Office CRS staff band together to help families get back to school

Montgomery CRS helps area families purchase items for back to school
Montgomery CRS helps area families purchase back-to-school items

Montgomery CRS held a back-to-school drive in August and September to help area families start the school year off on the right foot.

Several staff members in the Montgomery office “adopted” children in need by purchasing an individual child’s entire back-to-school shopping list.

“I chose Moshope Arabi,” said CRS Speech-language Pathologist Program Specialist Sonia Cleckler. “She loved Disney’s ‘Frozen,’ so I tried to pick out things to make her first grade year special, like a ‘Frozen’ backpack and bookmark.”

Sonia Cleckler sponsors first-grader Moshope Arabi
Sonia Cleckler meets first-grader Moshope Arabi

Most drive sponsors were anonymous, but the members of the Arabi family were so appreciative, they wanted to personally thank Cleckler.

Moshope’s mother called Sonia’s generosity “heaven sent.”

“When you have a family like Moshope’s, and you know they are trying hard, it’s easy to give because you know that money is well spent,” Cleckler said.

Ree Clark, CRS parent consultant, organized the drive and delivered supplies to families in need.

“Even when we are meeting a family’s needs with our medical clinics, there are so many other ways we can go the extra mile to help our families,” Clark said. “I appreciate everyone who gave selflessly to this effort.”


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