Jackson CRS community project to provide coats for kids

Jackson CRS is holding a coat drive
The Jackson coat drive runs Oct. 1 through January 2017

Parent Consultant Vivian Spears wants to ensure all kids have a warm coat this winter.

As part of a community outreach, Jackson CRS will be offering free coats to the children and families they serve, and all ADRS staff are invited to donate.

Vivian Spears
Vivian Spears

“When I was in the Tuscaloosa office, I held a coat drive after noticing several kids without jackets at the clinic,” said Spears. “I know some parents are shy about asking for basic things like coats, but CRS is all about serving the family as a whole, and this is just another way we can help. Our drive was successful in Tuscaloosa, and I want to make it a success here in Jackson, too.”

The Coats for Kids campaign will begin Oct. 1 and continue through January. Spears is accepting clean coats, jackets, sweaters, and hoodies in children’s and adult sizes. Donated items should have sizes clearly marked and should indicate if the item is intended for a male or female or is unisex.

Spears said that even though the drive does not officially begin until October, she has already asked several families and friends for jacket donations. Spears has also approached local retailers including J.C. Penney for other needed supplies, such as racks and hangers.

If you’d like to donate a coat and need to find a way to get the clothing item to Jackson, contact Vivian Spears at (251) 246-4025 or vivian.spears@rehab.alabama.gov. Parent Consultant Ree Clark also said she will have a small space available in Montgomery for coats in transit to Jackson.

“We haven’t yet worked out all of the logistics yet,” Spears said. “Where there’s a will, there is a way. By working together, we can all help warm the hearts of our families in Jackson.”

Click here to view the Jackson CRS coat drive flier.


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