Blind Strategic Planning underway

Attendees gather for the blind strategic planning town hall in Mobile

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VRS Blind Services is in the early stages of developing a new three-year strategic plan for serving Alabamians who are blind or have vision loss.

The plan – which will be in effect through 2019 – will be shaped by five town hall meetings being held in Mobile, Montgomery, Decatur, Homewood, and Talladega.

“Blind strategic planning gives us guide so that we can stay on track and know what to expect over the next few years,” said Dana Barber, state coordinator for Blind Services. “This will only be our fourth plan since our inception in 2004. It helps us by establishing goals to work toward based on input from the town hall meetings.”

Staff Development and Training Coordinator Amy Wanous and Staff Training Specialist Nancy Adams are serving as facilitators for the meetings, with Rehabilitation Assistant Terri Roesch serving as scribe.

“So far, the meetings are providing us with great input,” Adams said. “People attending last week’s meetings voiced concerns ranging from issues with staff safety to access to better transportation. There was also a healthy discussion regarding new technology for blind users. Great feedback now will lead to better results in the finalized plan.”

Information gathered for the plan will be presented as a SLOT (strengths, limitations, opportunities, and threats) analysis to better identify the key issues that to be addressed, said Barber. The completed strategic plan should be available in May.

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