31st EI and Preschool Conference ‘knocks it out of the park’

The 31st Early Intervention and Preschool Conference is being held this week in Montgomery. The two-and-a-half day conference includes sessions on positioning equipment for children with special needs, promoting positive behavior, child-guided assessment, transition to preschool, strategies for improving social-pragmatic communication skills, EI in child-care settings, assistive technology for children with complex communication needs, maternalContinue reading “31st EI and Preschool Conference ‘knocks it out of the park’”

ADRS celebrates 20 years of independence

Twenty years. Four commissioners. Six sites. The statewide commemoration of the department’s 20th anniversary kicked off Monday, Sept. 14, in Mobile and wrapped up two weeks later in Huntsville. Founding Commissioner Lamona Lucas made a special appearance at events in Mobile and Montgomery. Former Commissioner Winona Nelson spoke to the Montgomery group, and Former Commissioner SteveContinue reading “ADRS celebrates 20 years of independence”

ADRS team assesses accessibility at Career Centers statewide

A team of ADRS staff members has begun the daunting task of reviewing the accessibility of all 48 of the Career Center’s main and satellite offices around the state. The group is comprised of Governor’s Office on Disability Executive Director Graham Sisson, Rehabilitation Technology Specialist Michael Papp, Rehabilitation Technology Specialist for the Deaf Daniel Lute, Blind ServicesContinue reading “ADRS team assesses accessibility at Career Centers statewide”

Orientation welcomes new staff to the ‘family’

Family is a large part of our department’s culture, and the “Rehab Family” is a notion that’s familiar throughout the agency — all except, perhaps, our newest employees. This week, ADRS held a two-day training for approximately 40 of the department’s newest staff to help grow their knowledge of the history of the department and provide them with a thorough overviewContinue reading “Orientation welcomes new staff to the ‘family’”