LTI graduation readies next generation of department leaders

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In the same week that ADRS celebrates its 20th anniversary, 23 employees representing a new generation of leadership graduated from the 2014-15 Leadership Training Institute.

The intensive training program, which began last October, is designed to prepare staff to assume positions of leadership within the agency as well as establish and strengthen camaraderie and working relationships among offices, programs, and divisions.

“First off,” said Board of Rehabilitation Services Chairman Jimmie Varnado, “I would like to thank ADRS for having the foresight to implement this training program. Historically speaking, the great companies have always been the ones to invest in training, and this Leadership Training Institute is a great investment.”

The fourth session concluded with group presentations from LTI class members that offered innovative solutions to various critical issues currently facing the department. An encore fifth session, which will bring all LTI graduates to present their project findings to ELT, is set to occur in September.

Senior Rehabilitation Counselor Jennifer Boykins talked about the value of the experience.

“The training at LTI is something that will forever change who you are and how you see yourself,” she said. “I’ve already told every counselor in my office that this is something you need to do. I just can’t recommend it enough!”

The 2014-15 graduates are Rachel Babb, Jennifer Boykins, Patrick Daugherty, Linda Fugate, Carla Harper, Tasha Harrison-Betts, Ben Hollingsworth, Gara Johnson, Tora McConico, Melissa Marshall, Connie Y. Martin, Tammy Meyer, Candace Mitchell, Paul Pedram, Whitney Radavsky, Stacie Rolfe, Cleo Scales, Cassie Sigler-Allen, Jean Stewart, Glenda Vansandt, Katie Walter, Michael Washington, and Kimberly Waugh.


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