CRS, UCP work in tandem on new Neuromotor Clinic

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The CRS office in Homewood has partnered with United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham to conduct a unique clinic for children with serious neuromotor disabilities.

The clinic evaluates and treats clients with neuromotor disabilities related to traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, spina bifida, and other neuromotor conditions. Led by Dr. Charlie Law, medical director with United Cerebral Palsy and a physiatrist, and coordinated by CRS Nurse Lindsey Rickles, the clinic includes seven additional CRS staff, including another nurse, a nutritionist, a speech-language pathologist, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a social worker, and a TBI social worker.

The clinic is modeled after a clinic held at the Mobile CRS office, also led by Dr. Law, where the drugs Baclofen and Botox are administered to treat spasticity.

“This is only the second CRS clinic to administer such medications,” said CRS Assistant Division Director David Savage, “and the first of its kind done in cooperation with UCP.”

The clinic also is an excellent illustration of a public-private nonprofit partnership for children with neuromotor disabilities, said Savage.

The new clinic, which began in November, is held the fourth Monday of each month, said Randy Hebson, district supervisor for Homewood CRS.

“The full story on this clinic probably stretches back some 15 years, when Dr. Law first approached me with some ideas for a limb deficiency clinic. We are really excited about how all the right pieces seemed to fall into place for this unique opportunity,” Hebson said. “Over the years, Dr. Law has been a great partner with CRS, and I know our partnership with UCP will be just as fruitful.”

As the neuromotor clinic expands, CRS hopes to see 20 patients each month.

“So far, we are seeing a huge demand,” Rickles said. “After just three clinics, we’ve seen children from as far south as Dothan and as far north as Huntsville.”

The clinic is held at the medical offices of Life Without Limits on the campus of UCP Birmingham and is open to CRS consumers and their families from throughout the state.

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