Construction underway for new Talladega VR

Photo of the construction on the new Talladega VR office

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There are visible signs of progress on the new Vocational Rehabilitation Service office under construction in Talladega.

“We’re so happy to be getting a new home,” said Unit Supervisor Cayla Lackey. “Having a more usable space is going to make our office much more efficient.”

The 11,790 square-foot facility will be located at 31 Arnold St., just off of the Ashland Highway on the southern end of town. The new space will be approximately three times the size of the current office.

“The new space is in a great location and is a great addition for our consumers in that area of the state,” said ADRS Rehabilitation Specialist Mark Vosel, who is responsible for the department’s facilities, including construction projects.

The new office is scheduled to complete in January 2015 and will replace an older building that has been occupied since 1970.

Photos by Cayla Lackey

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