Paperless electronic system securely manages time and leave

A new paperless time management system is currently rolling out to all Alabama state employees.

The State Time and Reporting Terminal, or eSTART, is a program that automates the collection of employee time worked and leave usage. The eSTART system is designed to provide each agency with a real-time view of absenteeism and potential overtime impact, and manages and records the employee leave request process.

The eSTART system, currently being implemented by the state’s Department of Finance, automates the collection of employee time worked and leave usage

Developed by Kronos and implemented by the Department of Finance, eSTART promises to minimize elements of human error in the data entry of time worked and leave used. Information provided by the system will allow proactive control of overtime and better management of leave for state employees.


ADRS IT Systems Specialist Buck Jordan leads a staff training session on eSTART
ADRS IT Systems Specialist Buck Jordan leads a staff training session on eSTART

Training for the new system is now taking place, said Jane Elizabeth Burdeshaw, ADRS human resources director. A train-the-trainer session was Aug. 8, and ADRS staff members who approve leave will be trained prior to the full rollout in early December.

“There are pros and cons with any change,” Burdeshaw said. “With anything new, there’s going to be a learning curve, and we are busy trying to work out all the kinks. The upside is that eSTART is much more secure and should improve consistency within the time and attendance process – both within the department and across other state agencies.”

In addition to eliminating the old paper leave slips which required a Social Security number, the eSTART system will provide up-to-the-minute information on employee leave balances. This information will be useful for employees who may unknowingly attempt to take time off without having enough accrued leave, said Burdeshaw.

“The eSTART system will alert the employee if there is a problem as soon as the request for time off is made,” she said.

ADRS will begin using eSTART in three waves, with Montgomery employees making the leap Oct. 1. Birmingham and Homewood employees will migrate to the paperless system Oct. 16, while all other employees will begin using the new system by Nov. 3. As each wave transitions to the new system, the staff in that group will continue to submit traditional forms for an additional two pay periods.

The department is scheduled to be completely on the eSTART time management system by early December, Burdeshaw said.

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