Hiring of internal audit manager part of Boswell’s focus on accountability


Frank Snyder is ADRS's new internal audit manager
Frank Snyder, ADRS’s new internal audit manager, comes to ADRS after two years at the Department of Conservation

As part of Commissioner Cary Boswell’s strong emphasis on accountability, the department has hired an internal audit manager.

Frank Snyder, who began work Aug. 1, comes to ADRS after nearly two decades with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

“I’m really excited to be here,” he said. “There’s certainly a lot I need to learn about the department, but everyone I’ve met here has been helpful, and I’m eager to embrace this new challenge in my career.”

Snyder served as a senior accountant while at Conservation and Natural Resources, performing compliance and financial audits of the Alabama State Parks and evaluating internal controls. Prior to that, he spent two years as an auditor with the Alabama Forestry Commission.

As internal audit manager, Frank Snyder’s position is external to financial services. The new position answers directly to Commissioner Cary Boswell to more fairly allow internal audits of all aspects of ADRS, including financial services.

“My main duties at ADRS will be to safeguard the department’s assets and ensure our internal controls are sound,” he said.

As one of his duties, Snyder will serve as part of the department’s Executive Leadership Team.

“We are very excited to have Frank here at ADRS and appreciate the expertise and professionalism he brings to our department,” Commissioner Boswell said.

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